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Laku Terai

Yamanaka Onsen, Japan

Have you ever considered the age of the trees around us, and how people are connected to trees? Since ancient times, making things out of wood has enriched our lives. Everyday I explore wood and urushi, materials that grow in the forests surrounding my studio in Ishikawa prefecture, by creating original cups and dishes. Observing the texture and uniqueness of each piece of wood brings me enchanting moments.

After learning basic techniques for woodworking and furniture making with hand tools, I focused on Japanese woodturning and urushi, studying in Yamanaka Onsen, a town famous for its long history of lacquerware. Though I studied traditional crafts in conservative woodturner’s village, my work also embodies images that fun and memorable experiences from my childhood: the space station in the U.S, skateboarding in Australia, and breakdance in my hometown in Fukui Prefecture. Through each work, I wish to share the delight and enrich the connection between our lives and the woods.

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